Animal Communication Workshop

AC Workshop

Level 1 & Level 2

(Class can be arranged on request with minimum 3 students.)

Have you ever imagined you could understand what your pets are thinking? What about hearing animals talk just like Dr. Dolittle? Wouldn’t it feel great if you could have helped your friend to find their lost pet? Have you ever thought about helping your neighbour to correct their dog’s misbehaviour?

Yes! You will be able to do all these after learning and practicing Animal Communication!

“Animal Communication? Isn’t that a ‘super power’ that someone has to be born with? “– You might ask. The answer is No! We all have the intrinsic ability to communicate with animals. Animal Communication courses teach you how to discover and develop your own ability.

After Level 1 workshop, the majority of students will be able to connect with animals, receive messages from animals and learn how to solve basic animal problems. Level 2 workshop will improve students’ communication skills, connect with passed away animals, and teach you how to handle more complicated cases.

Students are expected to bring a *photo* of their animals, NOT the actual animal!

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Level 1 covers:

What is Animal Communication
Different Ways of Receiving Messages from Animals
Self Protection
Clearing Blockages
Grounding to Mother Earth
Connecting to Father Sky
Opening your Intuition & Telepathic Abilities
Trust and Confidence in Yourself
Connecting with your Animals
Steps to Communication with Animals
Solving Simple Animal Behaviour Problems
Dog Problems and Dog Owner’s Responsibilities
Ethics and Code of Conduct

Level 2 covers:

Rainbow Bridge
How to Communicate with Passed Away Animals
Animal Behaviour Mirroring
Emotions and Body
Lost Animals
How to Handle Lost Animal Cases
Connecting with your Animal Guide
Case Studies

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I joined the Animals Communication Level 1 session taught by Yu Yu. It was an amazing experience! During the class, I could see the animal movement, behaviors; felt what they think of, how they feel and their emotions; also heard what they say. I am extreme surprised what I had experienced and never thought I was able to connect with the animals and get their message in all these methods. It is more than what I expected.

Yu Yu is very professional with clear instructions, fun, easygoing and love to share, we learnt a lot from Level 1 and would expect to have the Level 2 session with Yu Yu. For sure, I would recommend Yu Yu’s Workshops to my friends who are interested in learning Animals Communications.

– Nicola (Level 1)

Yu Yu’s workshop is very well-structured, organized and informative. Yu Yu walks us through steps and also explains clearly. Class was enjoyable and easy to follow. After the class, I felt uplifted and happy. Yu Yu always encourages us to share our experiences after meditations and exercises. I was not confident with messages that I received. However, with the loving support from Yu Yu and classmates, I feel ok. I love the interactions in the class. Yu Yu also shared some of her experiences relevant to our questions and also our exercises in the class. I learned a lot from her. Thank you, Yu Yu! I love the class!

– Yumi (Level 1)

Hello YuYu,

Thank you so much for teaching animal communication class of level 2. I was getting many vision messages by reading lost, wild animals and connecting with them by expressing writing and painting .

What impressed me the most was reading the relationship between my pet & self past life, it was touching, clear and having the full story of our past life . For the pet purpose come to me this life, which actually gave me a clear message about her and my lesson. Also acknowledge that would help both of us to uplift ourselves, so that in return we will able to move on to our next lesson. Except this I also having an spiritual insight that is also applying to my work, which is they way I should to deal with my colleague too.

I learned a lot of skills and received many message by vision, hearing, physical feeling and emotions which are more that what I had expected!

– Nicola (Level 2)

Thank you so much Yu Yu! Your course is very good for us and it always enriches and enlarges my view, and inspires me with many ideas for my healing for animals! 

Please keep it on! You are a talented teacher! ❤

– Joan (Level 3)

Date & Fees:

Level 1, One full-day workshop: HK$2300
(On Request with minimum 3 students)

Level 2, One full-day workshop: HK$2500
(On Request with minimum 3 students)

Registering both Level 1&2 at the same time: HK$ 4300 (instead of 4800)

Location: Hong Kong, or online via ZOOM

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